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An introduction to the most important tool you can ever learn if you truly desire success.

Skills to Learn

  • What the mind is
  • The nature of the mind
  • The differences between the mind and the brain
  • The importance of mind mastery
  • How you should master your mind
  • Techniques of controlling your thoughts to profitable ventures.
  • The power of: Meditation, Visualization, Perception Reasoning, Memory, Imagination, the will and intuition.

About the Course

The mind is the most powerful aspect of the human existence. Understanding the mind is understanding self. Anything worth achieving must first b4e achieved or realized in the mind.

In this course, you will learn to master, challenge and use your mind to produce results for you.

Mind mastery will be revealing to you the supernatural and unfailing power of the mind. The potency and audacity of the mind to enable a human achieve whatever it is that he/she desires.

Above all, you will also receive a short case study of the computer device in relation to the power and strength of the mind…

The course is

  • 100% online and offline
  • 100% self-paced – for online
  • Immediate start: study when, where and how fast you want it.

Type: Online and Offline

Duration: 5 hours (self-paced for online)

Award: Certificate

Language: English and French

Level: Introductory

Access:  Open to everyone


NB: this course is part of the level 1 program at SHEP.