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Everything we do in the world today involves a transaction. Transaction involves the sales of goods or services for money or other goods or services. Anytime exchange is involved, it is called a transaction and that is business.

Having a good master of business is a sure way of saying that you are well equipped for success especially financial success.

Skills To Learn                                                             

  • How to initiate sales conversation that leads to success
  • Establishing productive business operation system
  • Driving the team based on figures and general business goals.
  • Take contest of your business
  • Increase profit and create sustainable goals.


Brief About the Course

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, getting into business is not a rosy walk in the garden, mastering the act of business is even a tougher task especially in today’s challenging world. We live in a challenging world and your understanding or mastery of the times in which we live as a business is what makes you a master in business.


Most of the best companies in the world today are those that have excelled in challenging times. Companies like Microsoft, Disney, Exxon, Apple, Fedex were making giant stride when the rest of the business world were lamenting in terrible down times. Their only rescue was the mastery in business. If you want to strive and Excel in business then this course, business mastery is for you.

In this course, you will learn not only to be efficient but also to optimize sales. Whether you are a small organization or multi-billion dollar cooperation, if you learn the principles and understand the system that bare going to be taught in this course, you will be at the top of our game, above other things, in this course, you will learn how to draw an effective business map.


This Course is

  • 100% online and onsite
  • 1000% self paced- online
  • Weekend study period- onsite
  • Immediate start, study where, where and how you want.

Course Type: Online and Onsite

Course Duration:  5 hours

Award: Certificate + take home study materials

Language: English and French

Level: Introductory

Access: Open to all

This course is part of the level 1 or beginners program at SHEP