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About this Course 

Over the years there has been a plethora of controversies on the subject of God in relation to Money and our purpose here on earth. People have seen religion as a limitation to right thinking, hindrance to financial success and an escape from the realities that comes with the growth process.

A handful of people still consider church and God-related endeavors a nuisance to civilization and right thinking.

This module seeks to properly introduce the student to who God is, His purest thoughts on the ‘Money’ subject and most especially answer the questions that pertains to our existence.


Skills to Learn

At the end of this module, the student should;

  1. Have basic knowledge of who God is
  2. Understand how the knowledge of God helps in the fulfilment of purpose
  3. Understand the relationship between God and the power to get wealth
  4. Understand God’s reason for the creation of man
  5. Master what God’s thought on the subject of money is.
  6. The relationship between God, Man and Money
  7. And many more

The course is;

  • 100% online and onsite
  • 100% self-paced for online

Immediate start: Study when, where and how fast you want it.

Type: Online and onsite

Duration: 5 hours

Language: English and French

Award: Certificate of completion

Level: Introductory

Access: Open to everyone

NB: This course is part of the level one program at SHEP.