About Us

Your entrepreneurial journey begins here. Nobody is born an entrepreneur but SHEP Academy is that path for you to achieve success. With a team of young and dynamic workers, our institution is an ideal place for your growth.

Teke Samuel - Founder/ CEO
Lornarica Nguetussi - Executive Director

Our Story

SHEP Academy is a means through which Teke Samuel is using to further push his vision of helping humanity rediscover herself and gain financial freedom while unleashing her hidden wealth. Teke Samuel runs an Agricultural-based investment company with a good network marketing platform called Teks Global. As the head of an investment company, he noticed the setbacks brought about by the lack of knowledge on wealth creation. He was able to uncover the inability of people to maintain, multiply and especially transfer wealth which led to the birth of SHEP Academy.

Our vision: To provide specialized knowledge on the technicalities, sustainability, practicalities, and possibilities culture of wealth creation, wealth maximization, wealth multiplication, and wealth transfer.

Our mission: Empowering minds for financial freedom towards productive and purposeful living.

1)  To stimulate the entrepreneurship mindset:  SHEP exists to solve the problem of unemployment and dependence by stimulating the entrepreneurial mindset in our young and working population.

2) To create human empowerment: It is one thing to have the mindset of an entrepreneur but quite another to use that mindset to better yourself and those around you. At SHEP, you will learn how to empower your mind, rediscover yourself, and generate global ideas.


3)To harness people’s potential for profiting: The word to “harness” means to “equip, train or enhance” the ability of someone or something. At SHEP, we are dedicated to “amplify, augment and to enhance the God-given potentials that people have.

To Gain “New” Knowledge:  One way to always be ahead of adversaries is to acquire “new” knowledge.

5) To Stimulate Creativity and Innovation: If there is one thing the developed nations have in common, its innovation and creativity. Creativity has to do with originality. At SHEP, we have the competence to prompt our students to be creative and innovative

To Teach People the Money Concepts: The idea of money is so encompassing, your understanding of it will put you way ahead of your contemporaries or everyone else. Thus is the whole idea about SHEP is to bring the learner to the understanding of the money concept.