SHEP Academy - Rediscover yourself

SUCCESS without RELEVANCE is no success. Looking for where to have this two in you? SHEP is the ideal place. The institution is run by one of the biggest minds in Cameroon who understands what it means to be both successful and relevant.

Stimulate Entrepreneurship

SHEP exists to solve the problem of unemployment and dependence entrepreneurship.

Create Human Empowerment

At SHEP, you will learn how to empower your mind, rediscover yourself, and generate global ideas.

Gain “New” Knowledge

expanding your network and increasing your scope,At SHEP, we give you the platform to achieve these and more.

                 About SHEP 

The Self Help Empowerment Program (SHEP), is an institution through which Teke Samuel, a  corporate trainer, renowned author, and business consultant is using to push forth his vision of helping humanity rediscover herself and gain financial freedom while unleashing her hidden wealth.

Teke Samuel runs an Agricultural-based investment company with a good network marketing platform called Teks Global. As the head of an investment company, he noticed the setbacks brought about by the lack of knowledge on wealth creation. After this realization, he was able to uncover the inability of people to maintain, multiply, and especially transfer wealth. Thus he came up with the SHEP Academy because the first step to solving humanity’s problems is by changing the mindset of humans from negative to positive perceptions.   

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Why the nation builders love us

As the divisional officer of the city, I am very impressed with the advancements made by SHEP Academy. The modern infrastructure is up to date and computer system put in place is so appealing.
Abba Abdurahman
Divisional Officer, Buea
The amount of efforts put forth by the team at SHEP Academy is enormous. This is an institution that is here to stay and make the country better.
Molua Ernest
Registrar, university of Buea
I highly recommend SHEP Academy to students. You will be exposed to modern equipment, first class courses and mentored by very successful individuals in the country.
Bochum Samuel
Cameroon National Youth Delegate to the Common Wealth/ CEO-YAPCEC
"It is tempting to say this is one of those best institutions out there if you do pay close attention. However, with what I have seen so far, SHEP Academy is the place to be."
Mr. Theophile
Head of Divisions for Social and Economic Affairs
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